The Southern Massachusetts Umpires Association


The S.M.U.A. takes great strives to make the S.M.U.A. one of the top associations, in the state of Massachusetts. We take pride in knowing that coaches, players, & fans often notice an S.M.U.A. umpire and how we differ from the others. We always require our members to have vast knowledge of the rules of Baseball, have respect for Teams, Fellow Umpires, and the Game of Baseball, dress in a professional manner, be punctual, and always hustle.

Since 1947, The S.M.U.A. has provided state certified patched umpires to the high school, & youth leagues of Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol, and Barnstable Counties of Massachusetts. All S.M.U.A. umpires undergo a rigorous training program, both in the classroom, and on the field, and take the state exam prepared by the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association. S.M.U.A. umpires work games in South Eastern Massachusetts at all levels - College, High School Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman, Middle School, American Legion, Babe Ruth, & Cal Ripken, AAU, Pony, & Colt League, & Senior League, & Little League

The S.M.U.A. is a member of:

The Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association                       1983-1988 2003-Present

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association               Since 1974

The National Association of Sports Officials                                  Since 2006

Massachusetts Principals & Coaches Association          1954-1973 (became the M.I.A.A.)